#ImmodestWomen – Why I am choosing to be modest

The support for #immodestwomen on Twitter over the last week has been remarkable. Women taking a stand and declaring that their professional achievements should be recognised just in the same way as men's is powerful. I haven't changed my personal Twitter account and it isn't because I don't support #immodestwomen, because I most certainly do, … Continue reading #ImmodestWomen – Why I am choosing to be modest


Depression in academia and suggestions for change

I thought long and hard about writing this post, a post very personal to me and difficult to write, so I hope readers can appreciate why I have done it. Allowing me to reflect on my own journey has helped me list some suggestions for change - together we can reduce academic depression. Depression. A … Continue reading Depression in academia and suggestions for change

Does Age Matter?

When I wrote one of my first blogs on does gender matter I intended it to be a reflexive piece on my own journey through academia so far. I was overwhelmed by the support I received from fellow academics from a huge array of disciplines, clearly highlighting that gender does indeed matter. It got me thinking … Continue reading Does Age Matter?