Rethinking Criminological Research

It's been a few weeks since my last post, but I'm pleased to say that I finally have found some time to write. Recently a fellow Criminology lecturer came up to me and asked "so what are you researching right now", now whilst that probably seems like an obvious question to ask another academic, it … Continue reading Rethinking Criminological Research


A Lighthearted Reflection on Achieving a Doctorate – By The Active Author

Six and a half years ago I sat in a cold, damp bungalow / come make-shift police station and clicked on the ‘apply’ button for a Professional Doctorate in Criminal Justice Studies at the University of Portsmouth. As a new mum with a six month old baby, of course it occurred to me that I … Continue reading A Lighthearted Reflection on Achieving a Doctorate – By The Active Author

Top Ten: Dilemmas with REF

Here's a summary of one of my previous blog posts on why often the REF is bad for Academia It puts too much focus on applied research, meaning conceptual and theoretical work gets devalued. It puts barriers in the way for early career researchers trying to gain permanent employment. Academics are just expected to write … Continue reading Top Ten: Dilemmas with REF

Why the REF is bad for academia

This post has been inspired by a dear colleague of mine, who I respect immensely. She recently lost out on a lectureship (she needed to move due to personal reasons) based purely on her lack of 'referable' publications, not her lack of potential, or lack of publication plans. I could really empathise with her because … Continue reading Why the REF is bad for academia