Thoughts on HMP Berwyn 

I am very much opposed to the building of new "super-prisons" as followers of this blog will know. I don't believe that everyone who is sentenced needs to be incarcerated and I cannot stand to see people with social and individual problems being exploited for the purposes of capitalism. The privatisation of prisons in the … Continue reading Thoughts on HMP Berwyn 


We need to think bigger than prisons

I doubt many would disagree that our prison system is seriously flawed on many levels. Whether your interest is in punitive retribution, prisoner rehabilitation, safety of inmates and staff, desistance or privatisation, it is clear that our prison system isn't working and serious reform is urgently required. However, the prison is part of our criminal … Continue reading We need to think bigger than prisons

Have we become too quick to judge and criticise?

Today's post is inspired by the media hype surrounding Liz Truss' recent announcement to  publish a new prison reform plan. When this announcement was made I saw social media users jump all over it and academics being interviewed by newspapers condemning her approach. Let me first remind those quick to judge critics that Liz Truss … Continue reading Have we become too quick to judge and criticise?