Signing off as Blogging Criminologist….

Thank you all for following, supporting and engaging in my blog over the last 2 years. The time has come for me to end the Blogging Criminologist. There are many reasons for this, some professional and some personal, but those reasons don't matter right now. I want to end with some last thoughts of what … Continue reading Signing off as Blogging Criminologist….


#ImmodestWomen – Why I am choosing to be modest

The support for #immodestwomen on Twitter over the last week has been remarkable. Women taking a stand and declaring that their professional achievements should be recognised just in the same way as men's is powerful. I haven't changed my personal Twitter account and it isn't because I don't support #immodestwomen, because I most certainly do, … Continue reading #ImmodestWomen – Why I am choosing to be modest

The Criminological Ego

Today's blog was inspired by some of the responses I've received regarding my decision to make this blog anonymous. Whilst some have found the anonymity to be intriguing and celebratory, others have been more sceptical, questioning who I am and the purpose of the blog. So here I want to share why I chose to … Continue reading The Criminological Ego

What’s the point in Criminology?

As a so called 'Criminologist' this may seem like a little bit of a strange question to ask, what's the point in Criminology? However, this question stems from, what has become, a cash cow subject area, with little identity and often disrespected by others. So let me address these points. When I started studying crime … Continue reading What’s the point in Criminology?