Top Ten: Tips to survive a conference

Welcome to the first of my top tens! For those of you who don't have the time to read my full blog posts I am putting together shorter top tens that summarise the points I make in the blog. If you are an academic who gets anxious at conferences or you simply want to avoid … Continue reading Top Ten: Tips to survive a conference

Eurocrim 2016 Reflections

On my way back from the lovely Münster and thought I would share my experience of the European Society of Criminology conference. I had hoped to blog more during the conference but having overindulged slightly on the networking events, ( well the wine and ice cream receptions), time just seemed to get away from me. … Continue reading Eurocrim 2016 Reflections

Getting anxious for Eurocrim 2016

You probably guessed it from the title, I am attending the European Society of Criminology conference this week. Just arrived in the very picturesque Münster, welcomed by blue skies and glorious sunshine, so not a bad start really. I am feeling a bit anxious about my stay here, mainly because it's the first time I've … Continue reading Getting anxious for Eurocrim 2016