A Letter To All Vice Chancellors

Dear University Vice Chancellors, Deputy Vice Chancellors and Senior Management I am an academic, someone who has spent their whole life dedicated to their discipline, someone who has worked hard to provide excellence in teaching, excellence in research and to inspire people and challenge the taken for granted. I love what I do. Universities have … Continue reading A Letter To All Vice Chancellors


Rethinking Criminological Research

It's been a few weeks since my last post, but I'm pleased to say that I finally have found some time to write. Recently a fellow Criminology lecturer came up to me and asked "so what are you researching right now", now whilst that probably seems like an obvious question to ask another academic, it … Continue reading Rethinking Criminological Research

Depression in academia and suggestions for change

I thought long and hard about writing this post, a post very personal to me and difficult to write, so I hope readers can appreciate why I have done it. Allowing me to reflect on my own journey has helped me list some suggestions for change - together we can reduce academic depression. Depression. A … Continue reading Depression in academia and suggestions for change