Top Ten: Benefits of Decriminalising (and Legalising) Drugs 

I have decided to put this together after researching and advocating for the decriminalisation of harmful substances over many years. This is often an emotive subject and the opposing argument will always exist, but here are my top ten justifications for decriminalising illegal drugs:

  1. Drug misuse would be become a health issue not a crime problem. People would be treated for their addictions just like alcohol instead of being locked up..
  2. We would have more control over the production of drugs, ensuring people are aware of the content.
  3. People could be better educated on the harmful effects through health warnings just in the same way smoking is.
  4. Governments would benefit from the ability to tax the sale of drugs and use the money to invest in health programmes.
  5. The quantities and qualities sold could be controlled.
  6. It opens up opportunities for international trade agreements.
  7. Consumers could make safe informed choices.
  8. It would reduce many crime problems associated with the production and supply of illegal drugs such as black markets and trafficking.
  9. Removing the drug market from the streets could help to reduce drug war violence.
  10. Decriminalisation removes the stigma associated with drug addiction.